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Father's Day Branding

Celebrate Father’s Day with these Popular Brands

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From Dove to Dockers, brands everywhere are celebrating dads. In honor of Father’s Day weekend, here are the top Father’s Day advertisements for 2015. Whether Father’s Day advertisements seek out to make you laugh or cry, these brands all have the same goal: to show appreciation for dads everywhere. Watch the top campaign videos below and let us know which ad is your favorite!

  • Dove celebrates dads-to-be with the ‘Care Makes a Man Stronger Campaign.’
  • Dockers and Taye Diggs want fathers to rock their dad style and get down with their ‘Dad Self.’
  • Toyota shows how fathers and daughters see each other to promote the Toyota’s Safety Sense feature.
  • Angel Soft wants to wish all the single mothers that acted as fathers a ‘Happy Father’s Day, Mom.’

If you are a new, experienced, or expecting father, Happy Father’s Day from L7 Creative.

Video Marketing

4 Tips to Create an Effective Video Marketing Strategy

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Video marketing has come a long way in recent years and is continuing to grow in popularity among consumers. Video content is a highly effective form of marketing, and is essential for building brand awareness. Videos create relationships with consumers while providing them with the information they need.

Here are a few tips to take into account when developing a successful video marketing campaign:

1. Build Your Videos As A Series: Establish a regular posting schedule. Tell an organized engaging story over a series of videos… stories sell. Do not try to fit a lot of content into one long video, make a short series of videos leading up to one big event. Learn more about video storytelling here.

2. Social Media Loves Short Videos: Make the videos short to keep your audience interested.

3. Tell Them How It Is Done: Share tutorials and tips in order to build a relationship with your audience.

4. Make It A Contest: Create a contest and offer prizes for the most creative customer submitted video. This will increase your customer base and boost brand awareness.

Bottom Line: videos sell.

Read more about video marketing strategy here.

TV Commercials

Short Films: The Future of Commercials

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Today, people either fast-forward past recorded TV commercials, watch for 5 seconds then skip them online, or bypass advertisements altogether by utilizing paid streaming services. This has spurred a new movement in marketing that will make TV commercials obsolete, one short film at a time.

Marketers becoming producers

Whether you’re watching Chipotle’s Farmed and Dangerous or Marriott’s new content studios, there is plenty of evidence that big marketers are checking out of Madison Avenue and into Hollywood to produce branded entertainment based on what people are choosing to watch.

“You almost need to put parenthesis around ‘branded’ and just call it ‘entertainment’, because if it doesn’t compete with the other content that’s already out there, it simply doesn’t matter.” – Frank Cooper III, CMO of PepsiCo.

Look no further than The Lego Movie for a prime example of how marketers are putting this into practice, giving consumers content that first adds value to their lives, and in turn, adds value to the brand.

Brands leading the way

One of the brands spearheading this movement is GE, who has recently signed off on a new six episode series highlighting scientific innovation to be produced by movie veterans Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. The new series Breakthrough aims at creating branded content with a focus on narrative instead of products.

“Sometimes ‘branded entertainment’ feels advertorial – it’s secondary to really good content”, says Linda Boff, Executive Director of Global Brand Marketing.

Bridging the gap

For young film directors, branded shorts offer a welcome opportunity to fund their passion projects and tell great stories without having to compromise on integrity.

“Having the chance to make a short film featuring Uma Thurman, would have been entirely impossible had it not been for Jameson First Shot” explains Director Jessica Valentine. “Being able to focus on story and entertainment allows for a specific type of artistic freedom and results in a much better experience for both the director and the audience.”

So, while most marketers are still focused on keeping things “short and sweet,” a change is on the horizon. The key is not the specific length of the video, but the story behind it.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality and the Challenges in Advertising

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There has been a lot hype about Virtual Reality in the marketing world, but is it a possibility that VR holds more problems than benefits for brands?

Virtual Reality is a new and enticing medium that has gained a lot of attention from major brands like Mountain Dew and Volvo. However, there are some setbacks that are stalling the implementation of Virtual Reality as a mainstream campaign tool:

  1. Brands are finding it difficult to find ways to promote their products with VR.
  2. Cost of production is a challenge. Each video can run more than $1 million, and brands are finding it hard to justify the steep cost with the uncertainty of its success.

While these challenges are slowing down the progress of Virtual Reality, the possibilities of 3-D video are ‘virtually’ endless! It will just take some warming up from brands and their consumers in order for Virtual Reality to have a successful takeoff.