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Photoshop for Dialogue

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Adobe is working on a new technology that will allow for voice dialogue to be edited and even created. VoCo — or Voice Conversion — uses a long sample of an actor’s speech to capture all of the components of the sound — the phonemes. Once that data has been captured the software allows for direct editing of dialogue as well as the creation of new words and even complete lines.

Sound is a critical part of any film, so this tool could be handy to have, however it could be abused readily. For example, any person could use the tool on a sample of a famous actor’s (or politician’s) speech and then form new dialogue in that voice. Also, voiceover for animation could become a less “live” endeavor if an actor is replaced by his phonemes and this software. On the bright side though, if we had this technology some time ago we might still have the real Fred Flintstone and the real Winnie the Pooh.

More On Storyboards

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When creating a new video production for a client, we at L7 Original will generally rely on storyboards to convey part of our creative plan. Storyboards are helpful in a client-agency relationship in that they allow the customer to see the best representation of what they they will get, but they are even more important as part of the production process. In this video we hear about how one of the best production teams uses storyboards.


Storyboard Recap — Brio

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As part of our video production process, L7 Original generates storyboards that show the images we hope to create in your film. This allows you to see what we are thinking, and also gives us a solid recipe for the actual shoot. Below are several storyboard images from an actual video project, along with the final images captured in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.18.24 PM
brio kid
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.23.34 PM
brio walk
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.19.06 PM
dog fire

Having a great story for a video production is a good start, but communicating the visual intent and capturing that same content is also important. At L7 Original we will make sure you know what your final video will look like well before the camera rolls.

A Photo Odyssey

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While we are on the topic of Stanley Kubrick, this photo album offers some excellent behind-the-scenes photos from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos are a great way to study a filmmaker’s production process. Here at L7 Original we often feature BTS photos on our site to show how we capture the images that are so crucial to a successful brand story. Sometimes the process of video production is more complex than it first seems.

Kubrick’s Light Touch on Illumination

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Stanley Kubrick had a number of filmmaking techniques that were unusual or innovative. One of these involved his use of lighting, and his preference for practical lighting. Practical lighting here refers to lights that look like they are part of a scene, such as a streetlamp or a candle, or even Christmas lights. The sun and the moon can also be considered practical lights, either for outdoor scenes or when streaming through a window. This article, originally published in the American Society of Cinematographers magazine, has some fascinating insider details about Kubrick’s approach. It’s tempting to read it and embrace the less-is-more strategy, but a careful read shows that Kubrick employed many complex (read as “high cost”) methods to make this lighting approach work. Video productions centered on story must use the best features of practical lighting to take the viewer into our created worlds.

Image of dinner scene for Brio Home shoot -- couple at restaurant, sharing worrying info on mobile phone

Brio Home: Restaurant Scene

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The Brio Home video was shot on location at a model home in San Diego. The storyboards called for a restaurant scene, however the backyard of the home was lush enough that we were able to shoot the scene right there. This kept the shooting schedule to a single day.

Image of storyboard for Brio video -- couple at restaurant



This image from the storyboards shows the intended scene.

Image of Joe Square dancing on seawall at sunset with L7 team behind

L7 Creative: Culture Video Sunset Shot

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This ending shot of the L7 Creative Culture video was shot at the beach in Carlsbad, just a few miles from the L7 office. Intended to mark the end of a “day in the life”, the shot was captured right at sunset. Nearby volleyball teams, aggressive stroller drivers and one beach-dwelling cyclist all added to the excitement. See below for the storyboard showing L7’s mascot Joe Square on the seawall.

Image of storyboard from L7 Culture video -- team sitting on seawall with sunset
Image of behind the scenes at Brio Home shoot -- stand-on on kitchen set

Brio Home – The Wooded World!

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The kitchen used for the Brio shoot was finished in very dark cherry wood. Although the room had a lot of natural light, the kitchen background was still quite dark, so we used a Kino 4-bank to light the background. See below for the finished shot.

Brio kitchen with family, title It Keeps Your Whole Home Safer -- Brio product installed