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Photoshop for Dialogue

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Adobe is working on a new technology that will allow for voice dialogue to be edited and even created. VoCo — or Voice Conversion — uses a long sample of an actor’s speech to capture all of the components of the sound — the phonemes. Once that data has been captured the software allows for direct editing of dialogue as well as the creation of new words and even complete lines.

Sound is a critical part of any film, so this tool could be handy to have, however it could be abused readily. For example, any person could use the tool on a sample of a famous actor’s (or politician’s) speech and then form new dialogue in that voice. Also, voiceover for animation could become a less “live” endeavor if an actor is replaced by his phonemes and this software. On the bright side though, if we had this technology some time ago we might still have the real Fred Flintstone and the real Winnie the Pooh.

More On Storyboards

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When creating a new video production for a client, we at L7 Original will generally rely on storyboards to convey part of our creative plan. Storyboards are helpful in a client-agency relationship in that they allow the customer to see the best representation of what they they will get, but they are even more important as part of the production process. In this video we hear about how one of the best production teams uses storyboards.


Tarkovsky Again!

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The video below shows a comparison between cinematic imagery from Stanley Kubrick versus the same from Andrei Tarkovsky. Although these two were active in roughly the same time frame, they were not friends and there was some friction. Unlike with the Revenant, the similarities here are very subtle, and not all in the same direction from an inspirational viewpoint.

KUBRICK / TARKOVSKY from Vugar Efendi on Vimeo.

At L7 Original, we look to these cinematic masters for inspiration. Even the briefest web spot can benefit from artistic beauty, in fact we would argue that the less time you have to win a viewer, the more important the visuals. Please contact us here in Carlsbad for your video production needs.


The Story

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Every DSLR-toting filmmaker will tell you that the story is more important that the technical details. But that statement is a little too simplistic. Of course the story rules all — that is a given. How it is presented though — which must include some technicals — drives how well the story is understood and enjoyed by viewers. Even the best story will fail if it is presented in a way that is bland or off-putting to viewers. This is especially true now that (some) humans appear to have the attention span of a small amphibian.

This short, Le Gouffre, is a great example. The story is beautiful, enchanting even, but it is the visual presentation that elicits that enchantment. Presented in a more generic style, or in any manner short of its correct and final presentation, it would be much less effective — less enveloping, less engaging, and less enjoyable.

When you decide to create your own visual presence, contact L7 Original. Our team here in San Diego can put your company — your ideas and stories — into a viewable, short film experience that will enchant and entertain viewers.

Le Gouffre from Lightning Boy Studio on Vimeo.

Tarkovsky’s Revenant Relevance

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Filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky is a favorite of many cinematographers. His films favor the visual aspect of the story, often to an extreme. So many of his shots are considered iconic that it is common to see at least one in any given film. This video documents a number of these shots as they turned up in The Revenant. While a few look like a stretch comparison to me, many are dead nuts duplicates of Tarkovsky’s work. Imitation…flattery…

At L7 Original, we are more than willing to steal iconic shot ideas from the best that the visual world has to offer, all in the work of presenting our ideas and energies to the viewer. Come see what we can do for your video production needs in San Diego.


Storyboard Recap — Brio

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As part of our video production process, L7 Original generates storyboards that show the images we hope to create in your film. This allows you to see what we are thinking, and also gives us a solid recipe for the actual shoot. Below are several storyboard images from an actual video project, along with the final images captured in the video.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.18.24 PM
brio kid
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.23.34 PM
brio walk
Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 3.19.06 PM
dog fire

Having a great story for a video production is a good start, but communicating the visual intent and capturing that same content is also important. At L7 Original we will make sure you know what your final video will look like well before the camera rolls.


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When creating a short film, whether for advertising or a purely creative end, aerial imagery can add a ton of production value. Today aerials can be achieved for very reasonable costs, using drones, jibs, cranes, or if money is no object — choppers! However the aerial footage is captured, the payoff is in the perspective and grandeur that the shots can offer.

This scene from the Shining, taken from a helicopter, is one of the best examples of the value of an aerial shot.

At L7 Original, we can match the aerial approach to your video production budget. The end result — your story — will be more cinematic, more engaging, and ultimately more successful.

Wes Anderson and Advertising

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Wes Anderson has produced a number of excellent advertising pieces over the years. These short videos are artistically engaging while also managing to promote a product or brand, either directly or indirectly. Here is a recent, and excellent, example. The short film below really stands by itself, but its sponsorship by Prada pulls the brand along for the ride.

Short video production, whether the length of a short film or a more typical TV or web ad, advances a brand or product much more effectively when the visual content is special. Contact L7 Original if your product needs a beautiful visual production.


Style Choices — Malick

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When working with a customer on a video concept, one way to have immediate common language is to discuss favorite directors. Most creatives have one or two filmmakers that they really love. Sometimes if there is a director with a particular style, we can incorporate some aspects of that person’s style in a short video or ad. This video is a great example, where Terrence Malick’s fingerprints can be found all over an advertising video for Levi’s. This was a great choice! The essence of Malick that is included — the voiceover, the gauzy reminiscing, the natural beauty in unexpected places — these are work towards a very emotional, inspirational video.

If you have a favorite director that you want to flavor your video production with, contact us at L7 Original today.

Obstacle Number One — Strategy

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In a recently completed study done by Vidyard and Ascend2, data from the 200+ participants was compiled to find the “Most Challenging Obstacles to Video Marketing Success”.  Number One on that list of obstacles was “Lack of an Effective Strategy”, with 44% of respondents citing this as an obstacle. That is not surprising as the relative ease of video content creation has lead to a massive oversupply in available footage. Making and posting a video is easy — having a sound strategy behind that content is the hard part — or at least one of the hard parts.

At L7 Original, content and strategy are tightly linked. Only after a complete strategic review will we start creating the pitches, storyboards, scripts, and final content that will lead to a coherent video front. We look to the visual elements of video to communicate your story in a manner that is additive to other marketing elements. All of these elements must be from the same strategic playbook.

If you would like to discuss a video production strategy for your business or project, contact us today.


Featured image from 71% of Companies Plan to Increase their Video Marketing Budget – Because it Works! [Study]