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Photoshop for Dialogue

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Adobe is working on a new technology that will allow for voice dialogue to be edited and even created. VoCo — or Voice Conversion — uses a long sample of an actor’s speech to capture all of the components of the sound — the phonemes. Once that data has been captured the software allows for direct editing of dialogue as well as the creation of new words and even complete lines.

Sound is a critical part of any film, so this tool could be handy to have, however it could be abused readily. For example, any person could use the tool on a sample of a famous actor’s (or politician’s) speech and then form new dialogue in that voice. Also, voiceover for animation could become a less “live” endeavor if an actor is replaced by his phonemes and this software. On the bright side though, if we had this technology some time ago we might still have the real Fred Flintstone and the real Winnie the Pooh.