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The Story

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Every DSLR-toting filmmaker will tell you that the story is more important that the technical details. But that statement is a little too simplistic. Of course the story rules all — that is a given. How it is presented though — which must include some technicals — drives how well the story is understood and enjoyed by viewers. Even the best story will fail if it is presented in a way that is bland or off-putting to viewers. This is especially true now that (some) humans appear to have the attention span of a small amphibian.

This short, Le Gouffre, is a great example. The story is beautiful, enchanting even, but it is the visual presentation that elicits┬áthat enchantment. Presented in a more generic style, or in any manner short of its correct and final presentation, it would be much less effective — less enveloping, less engaging, and less enjoyable.

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Le Gouffre from Lightning Boy Studio on Vimeo.