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When creating a short film, whether for advertising or a purely creative end, aerial imagery can add a ton of production value. Today aerials can be achieved for very reasonable costs, using drones, jibs, cranes, or if money is no object — choppers! However the aerial footage is captured, the payoff is in the perspective and grandeur that the shots can offer.

This scene from the Shining, taken from a helicopter, is one of the best examples of the value of an aerial shot.

At L7 Original, we can match the aerial approach to your video production budget. The end result — your story — will be more cinematic, more engaging, and ultimately more successful.

Wes Anderson and Advertising

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Wes Anderson has produced a number of excellent advertising pieces over the years. These short videos are artistically engaging while also managing to promote a product or brand, either directly or indirectly. Here is a recent, and excellent, example. The short film below really stands by itself, but its sponsorship by Prada pulls the brand along for the ride.

Short video production, whether the length of a short film or a more typical TV or web ad, advances a brand or product much more effectively when the visual content is special. Contact L7 Original if your product needs a beautiful visual production.