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Style Choices — Malick

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When working with a customer on a video concept, one way to have immediate common language is to discuss favorite directors. Most creatives have one or two filmmakers that they really love. Sometimes if there is a director with a particular style, we can incorporate some aspects of that person’s style in a short video or ad. This video is a great example, where Terrence Malick’s fingerprints can be found all over an advertising video for Levi’s. This was a great choice! The essence of Malick that is included — the voiceover, the gauzy reminiscing, the natural beauty in unexpected places — these are work towards a very emotional, inspirational video.

If you have a favorite director that you want to flavor your video production with, contact us at L7 Original today.

Obstacle Number One — Strategy

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In a recently completed study done by Vidyard and Ascend2, data from the 200+ participants was compiled to find the “Most Challenging Obstacles to Video Marketing Success”. ¬†Number One on that list of obstacles was “Lack of an Effective Strategy”, with 44% of respondents citing this as an obstacle. That is not surprising as the relative ease of video content creation has lead to a massive oversupply in available footage. Making and posting a video is easy — having a sound strategy behind that content is the hard part — or at least one of the hard parts.

At L7 Original, content and strategy are tightly linked. Only after a complete strategic review will we start creating the pitches, storyboards, scripts, and final content that will lead to a coherent video front. We look to the visual elements of video to communicate your story in a manner that is additive to other marketing elements. All of these elements must be from the same strategic playbook.

If you would like to discuss a video production strategy for your business or project, contact us today.


Featured image from 71% of Companies Plan to Increase their Video Marketing Budget РBecause it Works! [Study]