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Film — The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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Mostly the ugly in this case. Tarantino’s roadshow production of the Hateful Eight sounded like a great idea to me. Present the film in 70mm projected glory, complete with an intermission and — best of all — no pre-show commercials. Many film insiders snapped up the tickets for this very limited run.

As it turned out though, there were problems. Some were purely artistic, as some complained that 70mm was wasted on the story, which takes place largely on one indoor set. Many other problems were technical though. This blog details many tweets complaining of projection problems, including focus, broken film, and in one extreme case, a theatre substituting the digital version when the film did not work out.

Could this be the last stand for film? That seems unlikely. Another blockbuster — numbered seven rather than a Hateful Eight — also was shot on film recently, and it is doing pretty well.

Visual Storytelling with Video

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The video below, produced by Sweden’s Syndicate, is a great example of visual storytelling. It uses advanced video production methods to achieve a simple story that can be understood by anyone — and with no dialogue.

As always in video production, having a great story is paramount. The technology exists only to convey that story to the viewer. Here at L7 Original, we review concepts, storyboards, and scripts with our customers before a frame is shot — all to the benefit of the final story. It’s your story, and it’s our job to help viewers enjoy it.

A Photo Odyssey

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While we are on the topic of Stanley Kubrick, this photo album offers some excellent behind-the-scenes photos from Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) photos are a great way to study a filmmaker’s production process. Here at L7 Original we often feature BTS photos on our site to show how we capture the images that are so crucial to a successful brand story. Sometimes the process of video production is more complex than it first seems.

Kubrick’s Light Touch on Illumination

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Stanley Kubrick had a number of filmmaking techniques that were unusual or innovative. One of these involved his use of lighting, and his preference for practical lighting. Practical lighting here refers to lights that look like they are part of a scene, such as a streetlamp or a candle, or even Christmas lights. The sun and the moon can also be considered practical lights, either for outdoor scenes or when streaming through a window. This article, originally published in the American Society of Cinematographers magazine, has some fascinating insider details about Kubrick’s approach. It’s tempting to read it and embrace the less-is-more strategy, but a careful read shows that Kubrick employed many complex (read as “high cost”) methods to make this lighting approach work. Video productions centered on story must use the best features of practical lighting to take the viewer into our created worlds.