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Spotify Adds New Video Content Features

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It was only a matter of time before Spotify joined the video on demand market. Spotify has now added video content including TV shows, news updates, original content, and ‘Spotify Running’. Jumping at the opportunity, networks including ABC, ESPN, NBC, Comedy Central, and more are partnering with Spotify to offer shows, news and sports updates for their users.

Original content is coming soon, featuring a variety of segments including artist-presented radio shows, dinners with famous chefs and musicians, and even Amy Poehler hosting a ‘Dance Move of the Day’.

Video content is not the only thing Spotify is adding. Partnerships with Nike+ and RunKeeper have helped create ‘Spotify Running’: a new function that determines a runner’s pace and matches the music tempo to their workout.

These new features will no doubt offer an opportunity for advertisers to run campaigns. The question is, will Spotify allow advertisements? How will they choose to display them?

Let us know what you think! Do you think Spotify will slam their regular and premium users with ads?