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Image of dinner scene for Brio Home shoot -- couple at restaurant, sharing worrying info on mobile phone

Brio Home: Restaurant Scene

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The Brio Home video was shot on location at a model home in San Diego. The storyboards called for a restaurant scene, however the backyard of the home was lush enough that we were able to shoot the scene right there. This kept the shooting schedule to a single day.

Image of storyboard for Brio video -- couple at restaurant



This image from the storyboards shows the intended scene.

Image of Joe Square dancing on seawall at sunset with L7 team behind

L7 Creative: Culture Video Sunset Shot

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This ending shot of the L7 Creative Culture video was shot at the beach in Carlsbad, just a few miles from the L7 office. Intended to mark the end of a “day in the life”, the shot was captured right at sunset. Nearby volleyball teams, aggressive stroller drivers and one beach-dwelling cyclist all added to the excitement. See below for the storyboard showing L7’s mascot Joe Square on the seawall.

Image of storyboard from L7 Culture video -- team sitting on seawall with sunset