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We are filmmakers who tell compelling brand stories. We create the perfect union of a brand narrative, original story, and film.

Med Dyer


After 20 years in the field of acoustics and audio, Med Dyer transitioned to the world of visual imaging. As co-founder and Director of Photography at L7 Original, Med works to provide our partners with the right visual look. Med holds 32 US patents in the areas of acoustics, sound, and design, and he enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, and photography. His favorite film is Harold and Maude, and he loves the works of Wes Anderson, Terrence Malick, and the Coen Brothers.

Tom Gallego


Tom Gallego has spent 15 years building San Diego’s premiere digital agency, L7 Creative, before stepping into his role as co-founder and Writer/Director at L7 Original. Tom’s creative background has been the engine of many break-out brands, and visual imaging has played a key role in each case. Tom’s favorite filmmakers are the Coen brothers, Martin Scorsese and Stanley Kubrick. He’s passionate about the visual aspect of filmmaking and connecting brands to a compelling story.

What We Do

Creative Services

  • Story development
  • Scriptwriting
  • Product vs. brand narratives
  • Filmmaking

Production + Technology

  • 4k video capture
  • Film look and feel
  • Future-proofed digital negative
  • Video production and delivery

Post-production + Marketing

  • Short- and long-form narrative films
  • Backed by award-winning brand communications agency, L7 Creative
  • Traditional and on-line distribution streams

Recent Work

News / Behind-the-Scenes

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The Story

Every DSLR-toting filmmaker will tell you that the story is more important that the technical details. But that statement is a little too simplistic. Of course the story rules all…